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Marble Chopping Boards

Our stunning marble chopping boards are made of British APLAS plastics and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The chopping boards have a machined finish, smooth to the touch but sporting visible texture. This machined finish helps to increase the grip on the surface of the chopping board, reducing the likelihood that you will slip while using it.

Here are some key features of marble cutting boards:

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  • Stylish: Marble chopping boards are an essential feature in any food preparation station. This is because it can make your kitchen area totally unique as striking patterns can vary.
  • Long-lasting: Marble is built to last and designed for continuous kitchen use. It is a high quality, strong and durable material - ideal characteristics for any chopping board.
  • Protect surfaces: Prevents damage for your worktops and creates a flat surface, perfect for all your slicing and chopping requirements.  
  • Easy to clean: Hygienic, waterproof, non-porous and stain resistant, made for everyday kitchen tasks.

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Are you hoping to purchase a marble chopping board in a particularly unusual shape? Or maybe you need something a little thicker? Visit our bespoke chopping boards page to discover some of the bespoke marble effect chopping boards we have manufactured for our customers, and gain inspiration to design your own!


Why might I choose marble for a food preparation surface?

Marble is known for its density and non-porous nature, making it resistant to bacteria and odours. It also provides a cool surface, making it ideal for working with pastry and dough.

How should I clean the marble?

To clean, wash with mild soap and warm water. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals, as they can damage the marble. Wipe it dry with a soft cloth after cleaning to prevent water spots.

Is it safe to cut food on a marble chopping board?

Yes, the smooth and non-porous surface of marble is safe for cutting food. It is important to regularly sanitise the surface and avoid cutting raw meat directly on it to prevent cross-contamination.

Are there any foods that should be avoided on a marble surface?

Acidic foods like tomatoes, citrus fruits, and vinegar can potentially damage the surface but only over time. It's advisable to use a separate coloured cutting board for such items to preserve the longevity of your chopping board.

Does marble scratch easily?

Marble is relatively soft compared to other materials like granite. While it can develop small scratches over time with heavy use, these often add character to the surface and can be minimised by using proper cutting techniques and utensils.

Will the marble effect fade over time?

The marble effect will not fade over time if it is stored and maintained properly. However, if it is overly washed using harsh chemicals or left in direct sunlight, it may fade over the years.

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