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Food Preparation Chopping Boards

Food preparation chopping boards are important pieces of equipment that help your kitchen stay hygienic. They are able to prevent cross-contamination of potentially dangerous food items such as raw meat and various allergens. They are very specifically colour-coded to encourage you to prepare particular food items on the correct boards. Our food preparation chopping boards are high-quality, non-absorbent, and stain resistant to make the boards as hygienic as possible.

We make replacement cutting tabletops, or polytops, in a range of thicknesses from 12mm to 100mm to suit your requirements and can incorporate waste product removal cutouts, knife slots and location holes in any of the six industry standard colours.

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Our chopping boards have a machined finish, smooth to the touch but sporting visible texture, this machined finish helps to increase the grip on the surface of the chopping board, reducing the likelihood that you will slip while using it.

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What are the different coloured chopping boards used for?

Different coloured chopping boards reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Here is the universal colour code:

 - Red: raw meat
 - Blue: raw fish
 - Yellow: cooked meats
 - Green: salads and fruits
 - Brown: vegetables
 - Purple: allergens
 - White: dairy products

Why buy a plastic chopping board over a wooden one?

Many plastic chopping boards are warp-proof in the dishwasher and are overall much easier to clean than wooden boards.

How should I store food prep chopping boards?

You should clean each board after use and store them away from each other. For example, on a stand where the boards are not touching to prevent cross-contamination.

Are food preparation chopping boards porous?

No, plastic chopping boards are non-porous, meaning there are few to no gaps where harmful bacteria can spread.

What chopping boards should restaurants use?

All food preparation places should use allergen and coloured chopping boards as a priority because they are serving food to the public. However, this is not a legal requirement.

What chopping boards should households use?

Though it is not a legal requirement, we recommend using allergen and coloured chopping boards if there is someone in your household that has an allergy. If not, warp-proof plastic chopping boards are another option for easy maintenance.

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