• What is A Red Chopping Board Used For? faqs

    Red chopping boards are used for the preparation of raw meat in commercial and domestic kitchens to reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination between food types. Categorising your chopping boards based on colours can create an association between the colour of your board and the food type you should prepare with it.

  • Why is it Important to Separate Raw and Cooked Meat? faqs

    Raw meat contains bacteria that haven’t yet been killed with the heat of an oven, pot, or pan. Cooked meat has already been rid of these bacteria. So using the same chopping board for both types of meat can reintroduce the bacteria found in raw meat into the sterilised cooked meat. You should use your red chopping board for raw meat specifically and a white chopping board for cooked meats.

  • Why do we Use Different Coloured Chopping Boards? faqs

    The primary reason why we use different coloured chopping boards is to reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination. Contamination can refer to the transmittance of harmful bacteria between ingredients or allergen residue that can cause severe allergic reactions in some. Adhering to the standard colouring system, for example, red chopping boards for raw meat and purple chopping boards for allergens, can substantially reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination.

  • How do You Properly Clean Red Chopping Boards? faqs

    You should apply boiling water to the surface of your chopping board to kill the bacteria that may be present on them and to sterilise them for future use. Our plastic chopping boards are manufactured to withstand the boiling heat of a dishwasher and resist warping. So you could either clean your chopping boards using a dishwasher or you could use a thick pair of gloves and boiling water.
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