The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Plastic Chopping Boards

The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Plastic Chopping Boards

Aren’t plastic chopping boards a wonderful thing? From personalised allergen chopping boards that keep your food safe to nonporous butcher block chopping boards, there’s a board fit to suit your needs. Let’s discover the world of different types of plastic chopping boards.

Plastic Kitchen Chopping Boards

Plastic kitchen chopping boards are very easy to organise as you can buy specialised boards with slots from most supermarkets for cheap, specifically designed for a home kitchen. They also come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours, and are easily customisable.

There’s also less wear and tear as high-quality plastic chopping boards are nonporous, don’t warp in the dishwasher, and are resilient to knives. That being said, there’s always the perfect kitchen chopping board for every kind of food preparation.

Butcher Block Chopping Boards

Although butcher block chopping boards are designed with meat in mind, they can technically be used for any ingredient. Butcher block chopping boards look how they sound; they are often thicker and sturdier than normal plastic chopping boards, so it makes them ideal for preparing raw meat without the risk of cross-contamination.

Coloured Chopping Boards

There’s a universal rule with coloured chopping boards that you may recognise from going to the store or have even seen on TV, and that's the safety aspect the different colours bring. For example, red is for meat, blue is for fish, green is for vegetables and fruit, and white or any other colour is used for baked goods or uncategorised ingredients.

Allergen Chopping Boards

While coloured chopping boards are particularly useful for those with allergies, allergen chopping boards actually follow their own rules to further save lives. Purple is the worldwide colour reflecting allergen chopping boards. But why? This is because purple isn’t generally a popular plastic chopping board colour, so it minimises the risk of cross-contamination and boosts confidence while preparing food.

Marble Effect Chopping Boards

Marble chopping boards add that extra elegance when preparing food, but they can damage even the highest quality of knives, and this is not ideal when you use them daily. That is why marble effect chopping boards are the better choice, and you can still retain that touch of class.

Food Preparation Chopping Boards

Food preparation chopping boards are a great addition to any kitchen, whether that’s at home or in a bakery. But when you’re preparing different types of food daily, such as a restaurant with a diverse menu, personalised and high-quality boards are required.

Food preparation chopping boards are designed with industry regulations in mind, which ensure safe food preparation. They also reduce damage to knives to minimise scratches and are easily cleaned to remove stains.

Overall, plastic chopping boards are known for their affordability, ease of maintenance, and versatility. As they are resistant to liquids and air passing through, they are less likely to harm your food, and in turn, yourself when consuming said food. While they can last for several years with minimal damage, it’s essential to replace them if they're full of scratches.

At Plastic Chopping Boards, we can create bespoke chopping boards for all your needs. Fill in our quick form with your requirements, like the size, shape, and colour, and we’ll send you a non-obligation quote. If you’re not sure what you need, you can view our stock or contact our expert team for more information about our services.


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